Lithuania. Guide

    Giedrė Jankevičiūtė

    Lithuania. Guide

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This guide is designed for those curious people interested in discovering the history, culture and nature of the country they are visiting. Its 11 chapters introduce Lithuania's 10 regions and the city of Vilnius.

If you are planning to visit Lithuania you should read this before you go and this is the book you must take with you when you go. Even if you are not planning visiting Lithuania this book will give you a fascinating tour of the country's history, culture and heritage. This is not a book on what hotels to stay at or restaurants to eat in. This is a book that will give you information about the history and cultural information for the sites you will see. It will even highlight and recommend places of interest.
This guide not only covers the major cities but also the environs of the Vilnius and Kaunas areas. It also guides you through the five regions of Lithuania. With pictures and detailed text you are guided through much of Lithuania's history, heritage and culture.

Format/pages: paperback / 191 pages

ISBN: 9789955736653

Publisher: R. Paknio leidykla

Year: 2016

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