Living Things

    Munir Hachemi

    Living Things

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Living Things follows four recent graduates - Munir, G, Ernesto and Álex - who travel from Madrid to the south of France to work the grape harvest. Except things don't go as planned: they end up working on an industrial chicken farm and living on a campsite, where a general sense of menace takes hold. What follows is a compelling and incisive examination of precarious employment, capitalism, immigration and the mass production of living things, all interwoven with the protagonist's thoughts on literature and the nature of storytelling. A genre-bending and dystopian eco-thriller, Living Things is a punk-like blend of Roberto Bolaño's The Savage Detectives and Samanta Schweblin's Fever Dream, heralding an exciting new voice in international fiction. 

Format/pages: paperback / 120 pages

ISBN: 9781804270875

Publisher: Fitzcarraldo Editions

Year: 2024

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