Mayakovsky's Revolver

    Matthew Dickman

    Mayakovsky's Revolver

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At the center of Mayakovsky's Revolver is the suicide of Matthew Dickman's older brother. "Known for poems of universality of feeling, expressive lyricism of reflection, and heartrending allure" (Major Jackson), Dickman is a powerful poet whose new collection explores how to persevere in the wake of grief.

from "Mayakovsky's Revolver"

I keep thinking about the way
blackberries will make the mouth
of an eight year old look like he's a ghost
that's been shot in the face. In the dark I can see
my older brother walking through the tall brush
of his brain. I can see him standing
in the lobby of the hotel,
alone, crying along with the ice machine.

Format/pages: paperback / 104 pages

ISBN: 9780393348798

Publisher: WW Norton & Co.

Year: 2014

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