Mole's Quiet Place

    Jane Chapman

    Mole's Quiet Place

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This touching sequel to Jane Chapman's Good-bye, Bear offers a sweet tale of friendship and valuing each other's needs. Perfect for any young child who likes to spend time alone.

In this sequel to Jane Chapman's Good-bye, Bear, friends Mole and Beaver sit together in their tree house, gazing at the stars and reflecting on the happy memories they have of their good friend Bear. Soon, their friends arrive at the tree house and want to come in, too, drawn there by the cozy glow of the lanterns in the tree house. This continues night after night, until there are so many visitors that Mole feels like there is no space for her anymore. Can her friends find a way to give her the space and quiet time she needs, and still spend time together in their tree house? A touching story that explores the value of finding solace in solitude.

For ages: 3-7

Format/pages: hardback / 32 pages

ISBN: 9781664300194

Publisher: Tiger Tales

Year: 2023

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