Mrs Caliban

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The amphibious cult classic: a magical tale of a suburban housewife's affair with a frogman ...
'Still outpaces, out-weirds, and out-romances anything today.' Marlon James
''Genius ... A broadcast from a stranger and more dazzling dimension.' Patricia Lockwood
'So curiously right, so romantically obverse, that it creates its own terrible, brilliant reality.' Sarah Hall
'A feminist masterpiece: tender, erotic, singular.' Carmen Maria Machado
'A devastating fable of mythic proportions ... Wondrously peculiar.' Irenosen Okojie (foreword)
'Genius ... Like Revolutionary Road written by Franz Kafka ... Exquisite.' The Times
'Perfect.' Max Porter

Dorothy is a grieving housewife in the Californian suburbs; her husband is unfaithful, but they are too unhappy to get a divorce. One day, she is doing chores when she hears strange voices on the radio announcing that a green-skinned sea monster has escaped from the Institute for Oceanographic Research - but little does she expect him to arrive in her kitchen. Muscular, vegetarian, sexually magnetic, Larry the frogman is a revelation - and their passionate affair takes them on a journey beyond their wildest dreams ... Rachel Ingalls's Mrs Caliban is a bittersweet fable, a subversive fairy tale, as magical today as it was four decades ago

'A miracle . A perfect novel.' New Yorker
'Every one of its 125 pages is perfect ... Clear a Saturday, please, and read it in a single sitting.' Harper's

Format/pages: paperback / 128 pages

ISBN: 9780571367986

Publisher: Faber & Faber

Year: 2021

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