No Document

    Anwen Crawford

    No Document

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Disappeared artworks, effaced histories, abandoned futures. No Document is an exploration of loss in its many forms, embracing histories of protest and revolution, art-making and cinema, and border policing. It is also an elegy for a friendship and artistic partnership cut short by death, an attempt to make a dear friend emerge from a field of memory, a document continuously emerging. In a bold work by one of Australia's leading writers, No Document shows how love, kinship, and resistance echo through time.

Anwen Crawford is best known for her writing as a critic, and here she draws also on her background in poetry and visual art in a formally daring work of composition and collage. At once intimate and expansive, No Document reimagines the boundaries that divide us--as people, nations, and species--and asks how we can create forms of solidarity that endure.

Format/pages: paperback / 160 pages

ISBN: 9781945492617

Publisher: Transit Books

Year: 2022

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