Portrait Tales

    Jean Frémon

    Portrait Tales

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As far back as Plotinus, who warned against that ugly custom of leaving an image of one’s appearance behind us, we have ceaselessly given ourselves over to the urge to parry death with the image. - Jean Frémon

Fables, memories, things he’s read, things he’s seen, transposed or made up, the stories gathered in this slim volume have the portrait, portraitists and the portraitees as common themes. Frémon takes the reader around the world, hopping through art history, as facts and personal memories are retold with imaginative flair for the telling detail: from an impossible portrait of Jesus in 50 AD, which somehow brings J.L. Godard into the picture, to the 14th c. Ottoman Empire, to China’s Qing Dynasty, the Italian Renaissance, French Rococo, and Louise Bourgeois’s mirrors, these historiettes expound the paradoxes, the necessity, and the dangers of seeking truthfulness in art. With gentle but unmistakable irony, they highlight the intricate connexion between art and power.

Jean Frémon is a wholly singular artist, a writer who lives in the radiant zone where poetry, philosophy and storytelling meet. – Paul Auster

Format/pages: paperback / 110 pages

ISBN: 9781739778330

Publisher: Les Fugitives

Year: 2023

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