Punisher Kill Krew

    Gerry Duggan, Juan Ferreyra

    Punisher Kill Krew

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The War of the Realms may be over - but for the Punisher, the conflict never ends! To combat Malekith's invasion, Frank Castle raised his own personal army. And now, in the war's aftermath, Punisher's crew has some scores to settle! The Punisher has stolen Thor's flying goat and is traversing the Ten Realms on a mission. But his first stop is...Counter-Earth?! He made a promise of vengeance - and Frank keeps his promises. But a van full of orphans is about to make that vow a lot more complicated. And while Frank has picked up some unlikely allies for his Kill Krew, can he keep them alive? It's an action epic unlike anything you've ever seen from the Punisher before. One team. Ten Realms. All-out war!


Format/pages: paperback / 128 pages

ISBN: 9781302919030

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Year: 2020

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