Some of Them Will Carry Me

    Giada Scodellaro

    Some of Them Will Carry Me

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"This is a book of wonders, full of intricate beauty, and Giada Scodellaro is an extraordinary talent." --Katie Kitamura

Giada Scodellaro's debut is a fiercely original collection of stories ranging in length, style, and tone--a collage of social commentary, surrealism, recipes, folklore, art-- that centers Black women in moments of imminent change. In language that is lyrical, minimal, and often absurd, the diverse stories in Some of Them Will Carry Me deconstruct intimacy while building a surprising, unnerving new reality of language, culture, consumption, and loss.

Format/pages: paperback / 184 pages

ISBN: 9781948980159

Publisher: Dorothy a Publishing Project

Year: 2022

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