Sound Within Sound: Opening Our Ears to the Twentieth Century

    Kate Molleson

    Sound Within Sound: Opening Our Ears to the Twentieth Century

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A radical new book by journalist, critic and BBC Radio 3 broadcaster Kate Molleson, which fundamentally changes the way we think about classical music and the musicians who made it on a global scale.

'Wonderful . . . This is a book of discovery that speaks of music as a life force, that urges us to live our lives through music. '

'A marvellous book that opens our ears to sonic worlds that will enrich and delight us, whoever and wherever we are.'

'A clear-eyed, utterly fascinating exploration of outsiders in classical music. Molleson's excellent book challenges and enlightens.'

This is the impassioned and exhilarating story of the composers who dared to challenge the conventional world of classical music in the twentieth century.

Traversing the globe from Ethiopia and the Philippines to Mexico, Jerusalem, Russia and beyond, journalist, critic and BBC Radio 3 broadcaster Kate Molleson tells the stories of ten figures who altered the course of musical history, only to be sidelined and denied recognition during an era that systemically favoured certain sounds - and people - over others.

A celebration of radical creativity rooted in ideas of protest, gender, race, ecology and resistance, Sound Within Sound is an energetic reappraisal of twentieth-century classical music that opens up the world far beyond its established centres, challenges stereotypical portrayals of the genre and shatters its traditional canon.

'Sound Within Sound is absolutely inspiring. Everyone who loves music should own this book.'

'Introduces us to thrilling dreamers from the last century who believed that music could fundamentally - and disruptively - recalibrate our lives . . . Molleson's enthusiastic style and eye for character and place give them life.'

'The vividness and passion of Molleson's portraits of these ten extraordinarily gifted, exasperating, headstrong individuals is wonderfully engaging.'

Format/pages: paperback / 368 pages

ISBN: 9780571363230

Publisher: Faber & Faber

Year: 2023

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