The Analog Sea Review: Number Four

    Jonathan Simons (ed.)

    The Analog Sea Review: Number Four

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The Analog Sea Review is a n offline journal because it fits in your pocket but won't wake you up at night. The Analog Sea Review is an offline journal because it's food for dreaming, and our dreams will surely be the last frontier to be swept up and digitized. The Analog Sea Review is an offline journal because it's made from trees, vegetable oils and linen thread. It has texture and smell, like a lover. And like a lover, it brings you stories and poems in the night.

For each issue, we invite writers, artists, and poets to reveal their thoughts, feelings and what they create when the machines are sleeping and they find themselves back again amid that most valuable natural resource - time.

In the fourth edition, renowned writer and bibliophile Alberto Manguel sings the praises of print, bookshops, and libraries in an exclusive interview. Through fiction, essays, and poetry, we also consider art as survival under tyranny, hippie counterculture, the spirit of jazz, coffee houses, and the contemplative joys of waking.

Format/pages: hardback / 218 pages

ISBN: 9781732251991 

Publisher: Analog Sea

Year: 2022

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