The Analog Sea Review: Number One

    Jonathan Simons (ed.)

    The Analog Sea Review: Number One

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The Analog Sea Review is an offline journal because it fits nicely in your pocket but won’t wake you up at night. The Analog Sea Review is an offline journal because it’s food for dreaming, and because our dreams will surely be the last frontier to be swept up and digitized.

The Analog Sea Review is an offline journal because it’s made from trees, vegetable oils, and linen thread. It is produced as ecologically as possible but cannot compete with a data file. It has texture and smell, like a lover. And like a lover, it brings you stories and poems in the night.

For the past few years, we’ve been asking artists, poets, and other writers what they see, what they feel and what they create when the machines are all sleeping and they find themselves back again amid that most valuable natural resource — time.

The result is the first edition of The Analog Sea Review, featuring another stunning painting from Joseph-Antoine d’Ornano on the cover, and a careful selection of poetry, fiction, interviews, essays, and artwork.

Analog Sea is delighted to announce the release of the inaugural edition of The Analog Sea Review. Featuring previously unpublished writing from Leonard Cohen, poetry by Mary Oliver, a philosophical treatise on leisure from German philosopher Byung-Chul Han, and interviews with award-winning filmmaker Patrick Shen, British novelist Jameela Siddiqi, and Koyaanisqatsi director Godfrey Reggio, it is perfectly suited to satiating one’s contemplative summer thirst.

Analog Sea is a small community of writers and artists wishing to maintain contemplative life in the digital age. As an offline publisher, we distribute our high-quality printed books exclusively to select, independent physical bookstores throughout North America and Europe.

Format/pages: hardback / 140 pages

ISBN: 9781732251908 

Publisher: Analog Sea

Year: 2018

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