The Lithuanian Wars of Independence 1918–1920

    Kazys Ališauskas

    The Lithuanian Wars of Independence 1918–1920

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For the first time in English, this comprehensive narrative of Kazys Ališauskas unveils a captivating and intricate portrayal of the tumultuous era when Lithuania reclaimed its independence in the fights against Bolshevik invaders, and White Russian opportunists. Detailed by an eyewitness and acquaintance of key figures in the political intrigues, military campaigns, and geopolitical conflicts of the time, the book offers insight into the sacrifices, triumphs, and challenges endured by the people of Lithuania during their two-year struggle for independence (1918-1920). Its meticulous detailing provides readers with a vivid, personalized understanding of these fights. The English edition of the book gives credit to the transnational dimension of this struggle presenting updated toponyms in the maps and the text.

Format/pages: hardback / 504 pages

ISBN: 9786090710067

Publisher: Vilnius University

Year: 2023

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