The No-nonsense Guide to Born-digital Content

    Heather Bowden, Walker Sampson

    The No-nonsense Guide to Born-digital Content

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This book offers a comprehensive, entry-level guide for librarians and archivists who have found themselves managing or are planning to manage born-digital content. Libraries and archives of all sizes are collecting and managing an increasing proportion of digital content. Within this body of digital content is a growing pool of 'born-digital' content: content that has been created and has often existed solely in digital form. The No-nonsense Guide to Born-digital Content explains step by step processes for developing and implementing born-digital content workflows in library and archive settings of all sizes and includes a range of case studies collected from small, medium and large institutions internationally. Coverage includes:

the wide range of digital storage media and the various sources of born-digital content
a guide to digital information basics
selection, acquisition, accessioning and ingest
description, preservation and access
methods for designing & implementing workflows for born-digital collection processing
a comprehensive glossary of common technical terms
strategies and philosophies to move forward as technologies change.

This book will be useful reading for LIS and archival students and professionals who are working with, or plan to work with, born digital content. It will also be of interest to museum professionals, data managers, data scientists, and records managers.

Format/pages: paperback / 240 pages

ISBN: 9781783301959

Publisher: Facet Publishing

Year: 2018

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