The Queen: 70 years of Majestic Style

    Bethan Holt

    The Queen: 70 years of Majestic Style

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The past 70 years have seen a 25-year-old Princess transform into a nonagenarian monarch who is respected and loved the world over.

A woman whose views are never heard, Queen Elizabeth II has deployed fashion as a means to communicate and signal her position to the crowds who gather to see her in public and the millions who watch her television broadcasts: 'I must be seen to be believed,' she has said. The Queen's evolving attitude to dress reflects a visual landscape that began as genteel reportage in mostly black and white and has over the years evolved into today's technicolour 24/7 news cycle, flashed around the world in seconds and driven by social media. Incredibly, in her 70th year as monarch, the Queen feels as relevant as ever before - and she is, undoubtedly, a style icon. The Queen: 70 Years of Majestic Style celebrates the fashion evolution of Elizabeth II in her unprecedented Platinum Jubilee year.

Format/pages: hardback / 176 pages

ISBN: 9781788794275

Publisher: Ryland, Peters & Small

Year: 2022

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