The Radetzky March

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'Sublime ... it inspires a kind of evangelical cult passion among its devotees' Simon Schama 

'Roth is Austria's Chekhov' William Boyd 

Strauss's Radetzky March, signature tune of one of Europe's most powerful regimes, presides over Joseph Roth's account of three generations of the Trotta family in the years preceding the Austro-Hungarian collapse in 1918. Grandfather, son and grandson are equally dependent on the empire: the first for his enoblement; the second for the civil virtues that make him a meticulous servant of an administration whose failure he can neither comprehend nor survive; the third for the family standards of conduct which he cannot attain but against which he is too enfeebled to rebel. 

Translated by: Joachim Neugroschel

Format/pages: paperback / 368 pages

ISBN: 9780141393421

Publisher: Penguin Books

Year: 2016

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