The Ten Loves of Mr Nishino

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From the best-selling author of Strange Weather in Tokyo and The Nakano Thrift Shop.

'Charming... beguiling and beautiful' The Times

Over the course of his life, Mr Nishino falls hopelessly in love again and again. One woman is a colleague, another a chance encounter; one is the girlfriend of a classmate, another the best friend of Nishino's latest conquest. Some are entranced by Nishino, others care more for their freedom, their children (or their cats). As we come to learn of the torments, desires and delights of each woman, a portrait emerges of a complicated man whose great capacity for love may well be the cause of his downfall.

'Quirky and delicate... timeless... I fell totally under the spell of this beautiful book' Daily Mail

Format/pages: paperback / 195 pages

ISBN: 9781846277016

Publisher: Granta Books

Year: 2020

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