Tractatus Philosophico-Poeticus

    Signe Gjessing

    Tractatus Philosophico-Poeticus

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Ludwig Wittgenstein's Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, often noted as the most important philosophical work of the 20th century, had a broad goal: to identify the relationship between language and reality, and to define the limits of science.

Following on from Wittgenstein 100 years later, Signe Gjessing updates and reimagines the Tractatus, marrying poetry with philosophy to test the boundaries of reality. Stunning, knowing, and revitalising, and glinting with stars, silk, and ecstasy, this is poetry which exacts the logical consequence of philosophy, while locating beauty and significance in the nonsense of the world.


Format/pages: paperback / 41 pages

ISBN: 9781919609287

Publisher: Lolli Editions

Year: 2022

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