Voice for Performance: Training the Actor's Voice

    Linda Gates

    Voice for Performance: Training the Actor's Voice

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A valuable guide that teaches students and professional performers alike how to train their most essential feature-their voice.

For voice performers-from actors and singers to newscasters and radio hosts-even a minor voice disorder can have a significant impact on their career. Vocal training is vital if the performer wants to use his or her voice effectively and repeatedly.

In Voice for Performance: Training the Actor's Voice, Third Edition, Linda Gates addresses key elements of voice and speech-respiration, vibration, resonation, and articulation-in a straightforward style to produce voices that are clear, articulate, and easily heard. While the focus of the book is on training the voice for performance in live theatre, it also features guidance for students who want to expand their vocal skills for work in radio, podcasts, television, film, voice acting, and even online meetings and presentations.

This third edition features extensive updates based on advances in voice science, new pedagogical approaches, new media, and the latest technology. It also includes a companion website, voiceforperformance.com, with videos and audio of the author demonstrating the exercises, making this book a must-have for all voice performers.


Format/pages: paperback / 225 pages

ISBN: 9781538163788

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

Year: 2022

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