We could not but resist genocide

    Bronius Kemeklis-Kerštas

    We could not but resist genocide

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This book is the memoirs of an ordinary partisan Bronius Kemeklis-Kerštas written on the eve of the reinstatement of independence of Lithuania. The author narrates his difficult path as a partisan: he recalls his collaborates, the betrayal, interrogations, forced labour camps, and exile experienced. The publication contains a good many of photographs of his brothers in arms.

The book is meant to all those who are interested in the post-war resistance fighting in Lithuania, yet primarily to the younger generation, as the author of the memoirs was active in partisan resistance fighting from the ages of 21 to 24 years. After many years of imprisonment in Soviet forced labour camps, having returned but finding no peace in his motherland due to permanent persecution by security structures, he, however, lived to see actual independence. Unfortunately, he lived just a few days in free Lithuania…

Format/pages: paperback / 188 pages

ISBN: 9786098037937

Publisher: LGGRTC

Year: 2020

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