Leading Positive Organizational Change

    Bart Tkaczyk

    Leading Positive Organizational Change

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Although many organizations see the need to transform and to reinvent themselves, for far too many leaders, "change" and "failure" are virtual synonyms. In fact, most organizational change efforts fail. But that needn't be the case, and help is at hand. Leading Positive Organizational Change, an alternative way to think about organizational change and development, is a strategic, learnable discipline that can re-energize and re-imagine your enterprise, and release the potential for change - delivering a positive, creative future and breakthrough bottom-line results.

Written by an award-winning expert in positive organization development and change leadership, this book provides executives, change leaders, and change leadership teams with a step-by-step guide for collaboratively crafting and executing a change strategy that aligns with organizational objectives so as to fuel their future. With a strong science-backed and field-tested "how to" approach, and with a radical focus on organizational positivity, super-flexibility and renewal, collective design thinking and applied imagination, this highly practical book features:

  • A ToolBox of 30 powerful, imaginative (and time-saving!) tools for you to use in practicing leading positive organizational change and carrying through your change program - with example templates and worksheets, concise notes and ideas from numerous complex global projects.
  • Lead-ins to each chapter that are a fundamental feature of the book, representing a springboard to a chapter and serving the purpose of awakening interest in the topic.
  • Dialogic Reflection for Professional Team Development, at the start of each chapter, that enables you (and your team as a whole) to reflect on and discuss some thought-provoking questions, linking to the chapter and helping to contextualize your learning.
  • Industry Snapshots that explore current issues and trends in one of the fastest-growing professions and industries - coaching and consulting.
  • Windows on Practice that demonstrate how issues are applied in real-life business situations, offering a range of interesting topical illustrations of positive change leadership in practice, relating the core concepts of the book to real-world settings.
  • Summary Propositions, at the end of each chapter, that recap and reinforce the key takeaways from the chapter.
  • References to help you take your learning and development further.

Tkaczyk's engaging, reflective, task-based book equips the change leader and leadership teams with the skills needed to navigate chaos and the unexpected, to renew your business and create winning change. This action-based workbook can be used in a variety of business settings, among others, executive leadership team meetings, organization development and change consulting, design-led strategy retreats, human resource development consultancy, executive 1:1 and team coaching, leadership boot camps, design thinking workshops and sprints, innovation labs, and executive education and MBA courses - as a handy additional text in either an organization development and change or human resource management class. It can also be used in a flexible strategic transformation program - with the flow of the change execution process mapped within the context of a specific change initiative.

Format/pages: hardback / 192 pages

ISBN: 9780367903473

Publisher: Routledge

Year: 2020

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